My first taste of winemaking was in 2006 during my high school years. My stepfather David and stepbrother Jason had a home winemaking operation, in which I was able to participate and help with all aspects of production. This experience sparked my interest in all things wine, and led me to Cal Poly SLO to pursue a degree in Enology. By my second year at Cal Poly, I began my own wine project. With some financial and continued business advice from my Father James, I was able to bring this project to life.

The name CARTER PAUL originates from my two grandfathers. I was named after, Frank Carter and Paul Unander. Similar to myself, both were artists and loved to build things. More than anything CARTER PAUL is about keeping history alive, honoring where I have come from, and who helped bring me here. Each wine is created with its own unique label that originates from one of my paintings, illustrating part of the wines personality.

My goal above anything else is to make wines that are great and don't take themselves too seriously. To make wines that are great and dont sacrifice anything for the sake of the bottomline.